Sun lotion, oils, chlorine, salt water, direct sunlight and extreme heat all affect the delicate fibres of swimwear over time. To prevent wear as much as possible please care for your Tahlulah Ray swimwear as informed below and in the care labels of your garment.


Upon receiving your Tahlulah Ray swimwear:

A great tip to sustain the vibrant colours for longer, is to soak the garment for 30 minutes in a mixture of water and white vinegar (1 tbsp vinegar per 1 litre water).


Before wear:

Swimwear fabric absorbs all the harmful chemicals faced when swimming in the pool or in the sea. You can help limit the amount of chemicals absorbed into the fibres of your Tahlulah Ray garment by rinsing in cool water before entering the sea or the pool.


After wear:

Immediately after you dip in the pool or in the sea, rinse your Tahlulah Ray garment in cool water.

As soon as you have the opportunity to wash your garment, do so by hand only in cool water and with a mild soap or a hand washing detergent specifically for delicates. Massage the garment gently to ease out chlorine or salt. Do not put your Tahlulah Ray swimwear in a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Hand wash your newer garments by themselves until all excess dyes wash out. This is a normal occurrence and will stop after a few washes.

Do not wring out your swimwear or hang out to dry. The delicate fibres in the swimsuit can be damaged this way or stretch out of shape. We recommend to place your garment flat on a towel and roll the towel up with the swimwear completely encased. Then squeeze the towel to draw out excess water from the swimwear. Place your garment out to dry on a flat cool surface away from direct sunlight.